App in the air, my necessary travel BFF

If you have been a long time follower of the blog, LOL, or a person I met in real life, you’d know how much I like traveling. I tried looking for apps to help me with my travel planning and all that but something was always missing until I found « App in the air ».

It’s a virtual personal assistant that is very autonomous. It automatically gets the travel information in the app and provides you with several helpful information. Of course the paid version provides you with way more information, but for now I settled for the free version as I do not travel that much (Less than 15 times a year).

Concerning your flight:

For each flight you get 3 screens displaying the flight timeline: Check-in time, boarding, landing. And in each steps of the timeline, the app provides you with details on the gate, delays if any, arrival and departure time.

The app also provides a screen with extensive information regarding the flight and destination: type of plane, weather at the country of departure and arrival, the airline information, the hotel and the rental cars booked for the trip if applicable.It even provides you information on how long is the security queue

What is awesome is that the app also provides the users that also have the app and that are around you and you can even message them.

Flight history

This app is so cool that it automatically collects your previous flights from gmail or any authorized email that you linked to it and provides you with an exhaustive history of your travels. It even allows you to separate between your personal flights and the one booked for other people, which is very practical as you get customized statistics.

Therefore if you linked it to Gmail like me, you end up with a screen like this one with a recap of all your flights: Number of Kms, flying hours, how many airports, planes and airlines and boarding pass. The app even provides a wallet to centralize all your fidelity program.

Within the app, you have 2 system of badges:

One is linked to your realization and one is linked to the countries you visited/have been to.

The first one provides badges if you took an early flight or if you have covered half the earth equator.

The second one has badges with a cute touristic element and a sentence about the country.

« App in the air » has an AR functionality that provides a 3D globe view of the flights taken which is pretty badass and even has a worldwide and friends leaderboard where you can track who traveled the most.


One of the most practical feature in « App in the air »is the notification when a flight is delayed or cancelled or even the check-in online reminder. I cannot count how many times I forgot to do my check in until I got that cute notification reminding me of it.

I recommend this app to everybody, honestly the free version is more than enough as it covers the needs of any basic traveler. I wont hesitate to upgrade to the premium if I see the need for it, but until then i’ll enjoy this app 🙂

Link to their page: and it is available for free for IOS and Android