Book review: The four by Scott Galloway

I just started reading this type of books as I usually find them badly written and not very accurate seeing as the digital world and companies tend to evolve and change at a lightning speed.

Book resume

Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google are the four most influential companies on the planet. Just about everyone thinks they know how they got there. Just about everyone is wrong.

For all that’s been written about the Four over the last two decades, no one has captured their power and staggering success as insightfully as Scott Galloway.

Instead of buying the myths these compa-nies broadcast, Galloway asks fundamental questions. How did the Four infiltrate our lives so completely that they’re almost impossible to avoid (or boycott)? Why does the stock market forgive them for sins that would destroy other firms? And as they race to become the world’s first trillion-dollar company, can anyone chal-lenge them?

In the same irreverent style that has made him one of the world’s most celebrated business professors, Galloway deconstructs the strategies of the Four that lurk beneath their shiny veneers. He shows how they manipulate the fundamental emotional needs that have driven us since our ancestors lived in caves, at a speed and scope others can’t match. And he reveals how you can apply the lessons of their ascent to your own business or career.

Whether you want to compete with them, do business with them, or simply live in the world they dominate, you need to understand the Four.

My opinion

It is actually a very good introduction to the digital world for any non-IT person or anybody who would like to upscale themselves in this domain. It gives insights on GAFA, even though it is a heavily influenced introduction as sometimes it feels like the author is trying (too hard?) to paint them as this big villain in the story. The writing is a mix of facts and personal extreme opinions as from what I understood of this book is that if they would have listened to him, they would be richer, smarter and all-over way better than where they are now.

It is also not helping that the writing was missing some organization and a serious editor review as there are many lose ends and subject hoping throughout the chapters: We go from a history fact to a technical and marketing number at the speed of light. It annoyed me a lot as I kept on losing focus in order to absorb this new wave of information. The nice thing was that many information on the book were common knowledge 🙂

All-in-all it is not the best-seller I expected or worth the hype behind it, Thank god I didnt buy it and got it as a gift from a colleague 😀

I definitely want to attend one of his conferences to match the author with the persona as I am curious to see if he is as egotistically smart as he makes it sound in his book 😀

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