Book review: The Keys

I am a fan of DJ Khaled, a bit less since the « pleasure his woman » comment, yet I didn’t hesitate once to read his book that was offered to me by my friend. He said and I quote « Your vibe is going to match this book vibe, read the keys bro ». I may have to propose to him, as usually I hate books suggested to me, but this one man, I fucking loved it.

Summary of « The keys »

From Snapchat sensation, business mogul, and recording artist DJ Khaled, the book They don’t want you to read reveals his major keys to success.

  • Stay away from They
  • Don’t ever play yourself
  • Secure the bag
  • Respect the code
  • Glorify your success
  • Don’t deny the heat
  • Keep two rooms cooking at the same time
  • Win, win, win no matter what

My review

I finished it in a morning. I just read it like a straight line and woke up at 5 am in order to ensure I have enough time to finish it.

It’s a fucking good book and a great surprise coming from DJ Khaled. « The keys » are easy to understand, clearly outlined and he even provides some parallels with his life for each one. Every chapter transition has quotes from his friends, celebrities he worked with and life colleagues that talk about DJ Khaled and how the keys came about throughout his career.

The set of guidelines provided are a must follow set of rules that will ensure a professional accomplishment and a personal one. There are so many quotes about the keys that are inspirational that I couldn’t chose one to put here. I did not knew how much he struggled in his life as he is always talking about his blessings and thanking god, the look behind the curtain forces the respect and make the mogul a « Must-meet » celebrity. The keys unknowlingly enforces many islamic life principles and the law of attraction, and we found ourselves genuinely looking at life through a greatful and more accepting lense.

Don’t get me wrong, the hustle is a MUST. His persuasion, relentless motivation and resilience was a deal breaker as if he hadn’t worked that hard for his craft, nothing would have been given to him for free. The keys always circle back to the notion of hard work and how god will help you only if you help yourself.

The keys are tightly linked with the « humble » feeling, even if he rose to fame and has Jay-Z as his manager, he never forgot his struggles, never forgot his life whereabouts and the sacrifices. He even mentioned how he is very open and close to his « Fan Luv » and encourages people to come to him to say hi, ask fro a job or even exchange blessings and good vibes

Honestly this self-help book is a masterpiece and forces you to re-evaluate yourself constantly and to change your behavior and communication. The keys also heavily stress out the fact that you need to drain-out the noise and the people because « They » will always tell you that you are shit, « They » will always give you different unsolicited advice about your love life and work, « They » will be the first one to destroy your spirit and life visions. And at one point you understand that often you are the « They » he is warning you about.

Therefore I strongly advice you to read this book, despite of your current career stage, as it is a great partner for your evolution. I might download Snapchat just to follow DJ Khaled and his keys 😀