Clarin’s make-up masterclass

Yeah you read it right, I went to a make-up masterclass.

If you hang out with me a bit you kinda understand that spending shit lot of time on painting my face is not my cup of tea. Absolutely not. But, I remain a fan of new experiences and getting out of my comfort zone, and it is with my inner Elle woods spirit in mind that I attended this event.

The event was held in Hoeilart, it’s a cute small city next to Brussels in the middle of nature and a forest. the set-up is in a hunter cabin-like place with a garden,bar, hunter trophies and homey decoration. They even put some funny emojis and panels to take pictures and boomerangs for the instagram addicts, I am guilty as charged of this one 😀

Love the setting

I loved the products various displays, it was all about the summer collection and daily must-haves like some really amazing lipsticks that are called water lipsticks: It gives a glossy effect that smells really good with a matte sensation. the brand is very bio and made with natural products and it was clearly shown and repeated in the displays, products name, description and during the introduction. Also there were so many shades and various products that I didn’t knew which one to try or to focus on. Actually we couldn’t even try the products displayed as we had to ask for permission and they allowed us to use specific ones, which was a bummer,

Funny thing is that out of all participants, I think I was the only one not rocking any makeup, not even a lipstick as I honestly thought that somebody will basically make me hot, like they do in Hollywood movies 😀 News flash: it is not the case. Let me explain to you exactly what it means a make-up Masterclass:

  • A make-up expert / artist put a specific make-up on a model
  • The make-up theme is chosen according to the product collection or country weather or advertisement and campaign needs
  • While he puts the make-up on the model, he explains the difference between the products, why he is using a specific color? A blush instead of a sun powder? … and gives us some funny tips and tricks and debunks beauty myths

Best thing about this type of event is that you can ask all type of questions and correct shitty information, but the downside is that the makeup expert has no specific time for you as there are other people attending these events. So no make-up for me, I just quickly got a lip gloss application that I had to put on myself as he « didn’t have time » to do it for me 😀 Even to get questions and answers was not that easy as he was sollicited by everybody all the time.

I personally follow on Youtube Mario Testino’s masterclass, he is the make-up artist of Kim Kardashian and is an expert worth following on social media as he gives tips and tricks for every skin and skin color: How to cover pimples? How to make the skin color even? How to give the plum cheeks effect… And the masterclass is 4 hours long. In this case, the event was 2h tops and I feel like I neeeded more time to get a touch and feel of the products, understand the brand view on makeup and get something out of this event outside of the advice: Avoid matte and go for lip gloss , as I still don’t know if I need to put a specific makeup with it or not 😀

I did get my goodie bag, not gonna lie, and the products are lit as fuck and I use them all the time as they are perfect for the working girl with no time to put specific make-up on, they are also very very easy to apply:

  • Sun powder: Perfect for someone like me who doesn’t have a « Fond de teint »
  • Lip gloss: Good alternative to my matte lipsticks
  • Sparkly eye shadow: So easy to apply with the finger and so easy to take off, just with water!