DailyArt app: How to easily Learn about art

I discovered Dailyart while looking for an easy way to understand art as one of my good friends is a big fan of art and an expert on it.

I personally prefer historical museums and greek statues, paintings are not my thing. I can’t stand them, the few I liked had a very interesting story behind though. The other ones, were just paintings of a flower or some fruits, and this is so boring for me 😀

Dailyart is an app that is pretty dope as it gives you a daily dose of art in a very cute and easy to read format. It’s a random selection of modern, classic and contemporary pieces with a brief description that gives background information on the era and how the piece of art was created.

Dailyart is that best friend that will help you drop knowledge in conversations 😀 You learn fun facts about piece of arts like « The origin of the world », « the truth »…

The Dailyart app has many helpful features:

  • You can create your account to synch it on many devices
  • You can save the art you like
  • Search the library for a specific piece of art
  • Have a widget for your phone
  • It’s available in multiple languages

I use this app daily and I love it as I am learning about a field that I am not very particularly attracted to 😀 I highly recommand it you to get Dailyapp guys! It’s your daily dose of culture especially in this confinement!

PS: All pictures belong to their rightful owners