Dating apps are not the problem, you are

it’s un-fucking-believable how many people blame dating apps for their misfortune in the love department or their dating app match that are not at a stellar level.

You can also blame Hollywood movies for this line of action as we have all been served with the usual « Boy meet girl » and pouf they fall in love when they meet or they get to know each other and then it happens, like in the movie « You got mail ». But we all gotta admit it: It’s fucking hard to find love let alone a simple good date for an event. And don’t tell me the « Go out and you will find it », nah fam it doesnt happen just like that, lets be real and for once I gotta admit that Steve Harvey is fucking right about it.

If you are using dating apps to find love, well good luck to you friend! I am not even saying it in a sarcastic way. I heard countless tales of friends who found love on the first match and tales of people who keep on matching with people that do not fulfill their criteria. It’s actually not an issue, as long as you do not blame dating apps for your bad dates.

We tend to chose to escape reality and heartbreak by just dating in a fast-food kinda way: Meaning, going on countless dates that make us feel good for an hour or 2 before reality catches us back. It will not make the pain go away and sometimes we are not in the mindset and the right place for it. And it’s okay to fucking accept that, it’s okay to take a break to focus the energy on yourself and to get back on track. And more often than none, the universe puts you in those bad date situation to show you that it’s time to focus on you or work or any other aspect in your life as you are not ready for the dating part. It’s never easy to face that as it requires a certain level of honesty and self-evaluation.

And let’s be honest, at one point, we all get bored of the same line of questions coming from different guys: « Where are you from? » , « Why are you on the dating app? » , « What are you looking for? » , « Where do you live? »… It’s easier and more convenient for everybody to just have one meaningful and deep conversation with that person that we deem worth spending time with. Its a time and energy investment that both parties want to make with the secret hope that they will be off the virtual market and focused on the real life part.

So my advice would be to focus on self-growth and inner positive energy, as it is common knowledge that you attract whatever vibe you are throwing out there to the universe. So buckle-up and read as many self help books as you can and go to those dance classes and just be happy, in your life as that is the secret of finding that one guy or girl for you. You need to be a self-sufficient happy individual as a good and healthy relationship is basically 2 full individuals growing together and not being co-dependent.