Diaries of my confinement: How i started to like Spicy food

I think that after 3 weeks of confinement, I felt like I needed to try some new stuff. You know, me I am a researcher by nature and by profession, So I naturally started by food experimenting.

The idea behind trying spicy food came because I keep on seeing and hearing people rave about how good it is, also many close friends of mine eat very spicy food by pleasure and also in their homeland cuisine (I am talking India, Congo, Guyana, Bermuda.Cameroon, Nigeria…).

So I took out the 2 bottles of spicy sauce I got. Funny story the acquisition of these:

  • The first bottle is « Suzi Wan » (Purée de piments): I bought it once for a friend when he dropped by for lunch as I knew he liked spicy food
  • The second bottle is a pure Indian mix « MTR Tomato pickles »: I went grocery shopping in an Indian shop with my friend, and he warned me several times that it was spicy but good. I only wanted to buy it as I saw it was made of tomato that are pickled and silly ass me thought that the spice in it was plain paprika not some hot spicy stuff. THAT STUFF IS FUCKING SPICY AS HELL.

So the first few days, I put a bit of the « Suzi Wan » with chicken and I noticed it was not that spicy, so self confident me added a spoon. Felt it. badly. But honestly, it was still an acceptable level of spicy food, it basically excite your throat, you get hot but internally you’re like « I can take it ». It adds a twist to any meal such as chicken, fish, beef, homemade burger… and even omelettes.

So confident ass me me wanted to take it up a notch and took the Indian spice. I am telling you I cried when I tried it as I took a big spoon thinking it was just a pickled tomato sauce. It was so spicy that I developed techniques to trick my brain and my mouth:

  • I mix it with Mango chutney. God bless that Indian store, that stuff is GOOD. It helped a bit to lessen the spice but that stuff is really strong
  • I mix it with plain cheese or plain yogurt as it lessens the intensity. Its good for pasta, bread, salad, vegetables and any type of meat

I am gradually changing the dosage and adding more spice and lowering the cheese or yogurt ratio of the equation. But this stuff is super spicy though people, I DARE YOU TO TRY IT.

Question is now: What’s to try next?

Do I try sriracha? or Tabasco? or they aren’t spicy? Let your girl know what to try next 😀