Discover Brazil – A trip into the state of Sao Paulo

In April, I had the priviledge to visit my dream country: BRAZIL!

Granted I didn’t go to the fabulous Rio de janeiro like I wanted to, I nonetheless ended-up visiting some cities in the famous state of Sao Paulo. I actually visited Sao Paulo, Campinas and Jaguariuna. The latest was mostly for business purposes but it still had one or 2 spots that I can talk to you about.

In this first series of article about my trip to lovely Brazil, I am going to give you some practical information in general and then i’ll talk about each one of those cities. Ok for you guys? 😀

What is good to know is that Brazil is WAY MORE EXPENSIVE THAN I THOUGHT. As 1 euro = 4,21 Reais (It varies each day but it roughly gives you guys an idea), which makes a lot of things as expensive as they would be in Europe. I am talking here mostly about food and souvenirs, though the quantity they give you for one person can feed 3 people actually.

What is also very impressive is that they actually do not speak English or very rustic and primitive English with one or 2 i-universal words. they do not even speak Spanish which was a good and a bad thing for me as when i got lost with Uber, it was a hustle to figure out a solution. To quote one of my Brazilian colleague : « Why would I learn Spanish or English ? I live in Brazil and you are the one coming here, so you are the one who should learn my language not me » – Quite a limited view on the world babe…

So you understood it, my trip to Brazil was dope as fuck and also a huge learning experience in all aspects of my life as it was a hassle to just ask for food and for basic directions such as the bathroom 😀

More to come in the next articles, stay tuned to discover how i survived those 14 days in Brazil 😀