How I fell in love with Denmark. Well, COPENHAGEN actually.

If you know me well you know I love Nordic thriller and crime books! They are so well written it’s addictive. Quite normal i’ll end up visiting one of those cities right?

It is a signed danish book that I bought there

It was actually a lovely coincidence that I found myself boarding a plane to Copenhagen, no regrets for sure. The city is very different from what I expected. And my life is cursed with expectations and deceptions, but this is another fucked-up chapter. Anyway back to the Vikings, because yes, It is the land of the Vikings and the Nordic mythology. Ha I bet you didn’t knew that the Scandinavian mythology is present there!

ANYWAY, I went there on December, so it was fucking cold and dark at 4PM 😀

I was a walking frozen zombie, you can see it in my smile

I am going to split this Denmark episode in 2: Practicalities and Leisure. So here I am going to give you the practical side of Denmark.

First thing you have to know: They actually don’t use euros. And trust me a lot of people tend to forget this small yet heavily important detail! Danish Crones are your best ally in Copenhagen and boy is it pricey in here. And I tough using the euro was playing Monopoly, Denmark tough me otherwise for sure. But it is a sexy ass currency and looks very ancient, so if you are a fan of history like me, you’d be thrilled to have Crones between your hands

In terms of public transportation: it’s Fan-Fucking-Tastic! It’s very clean, well organized, easy to find and easy to use! Beware as you must swipe the bus card at the entry and exit of the bus!! Will avoid you many troubles! Also, it is very hella practical to buy the 3 days or more pass (Depending on your duration stay) or you can do what I did: I bought a City card of 3 days that gave me free public transportation and museum entries and a discount on the Red Hop-on Hop-off bus and many other discounts and free entries. BEST THING EVER!!! It helped me gain so much time and made me discover many interesting spots in the city such as the harbour and the Gefion fountain…

Look at those happy Danish faces

Funny thing though is that not everybody there speaks English. I actually even had to use Arabic in some shops to get the right information which is very funny. My advice would be to prepare yourself before going out by taking screenshots of the places that you want to visit and food that you want to try. I also used the Google translate application and it was a life savior as it allowed me to have real-time conversation with many people!

And talking about the people: DUDE! THEY ARE THE NICEST PEOPLE I HAVE EVER SEEN IN MY FUCKING LIFE. Was soooooo not expecting that. They are friendly and happy to help and to teach the danish language. They are even friendlier with a bit of alcohol in their blood xD It’s actually one of the rare European cities where walking alone did not feel weird at all as people smile with you randomly and are happy to take your picture and start a conversation with you. I even had a lengthy conversation with a lovely lady at the library over the book selection displayed, I of course ended up buying 3 books there xD

In terms of accommodations, there are hotels and Airbnb and I would advice you to stay close to the city center as it stays open quite late at night and you can find so many different food choices and a lot of Irish pubs and bars with Dj and dancefloors. Try staying at a local’s place, or even Couchsurfing if you are a group or at least 2 people, it makes the experience even better as you get closer to the danish culture. But it is still pricier than the average European country though

And of course the greatest thing (As if i didn’t sell you that city so much already you have a tab open to book tickets 😀 ) , you are 10 FUCKING MINUTES AWAY FROM SWEDEN! YEEEEES !!! So basically you visit 2 countries instead of one! Awesome right! Costs only 20euros and is 2 train stops away from the Copenhagen airport station!

So, ready to try the Copenhagen tour?

The little mermaid is actually smaller than I expected