How Prince2 helped me lose weight

When you hear the mythical sentence « loosing weight » you never think about linking it to project management.Yet this is what I did.

To put you in the context : I am quite the life researcher and love to experiment, push the re flexion and analysis outside the box. The problem is : I need to lose weight and I am logic enough to know that pills and other miracle diet and product, guaranteeing exceptional results in a short period of time, marketed everywhere, will never be efficient and truly work on the long-term. It mainly is a contingency plan and the easy route when one need a quick and easy fix

My epiphany happened while preparing for the Prince2 certification. Due to the huge amount of information and specific terms there, I needed a simple way to understand and apply the concepts. What better way to do it than to apply the principles on myself.

I started seeing my « lose weight » phase as a project to conduct : I defined stakeholders, a business case, a project plan and an estimate of time (3 months). I chose 3 months because I wanted to try-out this technique before committing to a bigger goal. Baby steps was my mantra. I followed every Prince2 steps and tried as much as possible to document the experiment(Various easy Excel files), this allowed me to track my performance and to also have a practical knowledge of the Waterfall methodology.

After 6 weeks, I noticed that it works. I see results and improvement, but what was interesting was that being that structured allowed me to anticipate various course of actions and to develop a « Plan-B » mentality in other side of my professional and personal life. I also got my certification. But now I’am more interested in the Agile methodology and how it clashes with the Waterfall concept.

PS: For those of you curious about Prince2, here is a great quick video to understand it

Learn the methodology quickly people!