I have been waiting for a full year to go to this festival as I heard that last year Idris Elab attended. Without me and he was very much « Single » (I know he was dating Sabrina, no need to tell me again and I even know he is married to her now and their ceremony was in Morocco! Suck it Bitches)

Anyway, I bought my tickets 2 months ago, it was full price, so 65euros, as I missed the pre-sale that was 45euros. This price does not include the camping and covers the 2 days of the festival. There are day tickets but they cost more obviously; 35euros for Friday and 39euros for Saturday. And I would advice you to ALWAYS buy a combined tickets as it is more interesting unless you want to go see one specific artist. I did it actually for « Couleur Café » as I only wanted to see Sean Paul and Wizkid and also in « Regega Geel » as I only wanted to see « Buju Banton », « Burna Boy » and « Beenie man ».

What is cool about this festival is that it will be on a beach, so sneakers are a MUST as there will be a lot of sand and a lot of walking.

I saw that there are many African and Caribbean food trucks planned on the festival, and of course a fries and durum one, because we are in Belgium. Contrary to other festivals, It is actually possible to pay by card instead of the ticket system that is always implemented there.

The line-up looks very very good, but I gotta admit that I am mainly going for Spice and Yxng Bane, and they are both at the same time Saturday :'(

Stay tuned on my Instagram to see how the festival is and the performances!

Here is the line-up of this year’s festival:

Friday Line-up
Saturday Line-up
Saturday Line-up

Here is the link for the festival website: https://www.bomboclat.be/