I attended the event: Love Talk, Tome 1: Les Origines

The event was only in french but out of respect for my blog I’ll put my review in English 🙂 Hopefully the organizers or attendees speak English and will understand my review. Also as I couldn’t take any good picture (Fucking phone and bad reception) well I had to use people pictures, so all pictures belong to their rightful owners aka the organizers.

I heard of this event from my friend who send it to me as they have a speed dating as a part of the event activities. Yes you read that right, a speed dating and if you are a real reader of my blog you know I like trying out new stuff 😀

As I bought my ticket last minute, because all my friends bailed on me and were not that much interested, I had to pay the mandatory 15 euros fees as opposed to the pre-sale that was 7 euros then 10 euros. To be honest, the event was not worth 15 euros as it did not include any food or drinks, it was mostly the attendance; but let’s not get ahead of us.

Clearly I was not the photographer’s type

Event Planning:

The Love-Talk was held in a place called Loft 58 and the planned program was as follow:

  • 19:00 – Doors open
  • 20:00 – 21:00 Speed Dating (Lock & Key)
  • 21:00 – 22:00 Interventions (3 people)
  • 22:00 – 23:00 Debate (WomenAskMen & MenAskWomen)
  • 23:00 – 03:00 After Party

1st part of the night was like this:

first of all the place was difficult to find as the google address gives you a location that is 500m away, as I was in heels it was funny to walk back all the way. Although the funniest part is that I saw several people lost trying to find the location which naturally ended-up with me kinda quickly making a friend in the street, so thank you organizers and bad google map information 😀 .

So when we got there I noticed the following:

  1. There was nothing outside indicating that there is an event in place so we literally had to wander inside a dark room thriller movie style
  2. Nobody was there to invite us in or check our documents so we stayed at the door waiting
  3. I suspect some people passed in front of us with no tickets as they were « invited » by the organizer. Would have been cool to be more discreet about it people 😉

The setting

The place is nicely organized and I really liked the seats that were different; you had sofas, plain chairs, sexy chairs, ugly chairs, bar stools… Anything to please the various ass shapes 😀 There was also a bar serving a specific list of drinks, but the HUGE bad point is that they had a coffee machine but they were not selling any. WTF?????

They also had a caterer there selling only African food, his name is « Le roi de la savane » and god his food was amazing and a life savior! He was selling nuggets, sweet potatoes fries, plantain bananas, A special burger, samosas…Small prices for big quantities, MAD PROPS TO YOU SIR!!! I mean look at that food 😀

The event sadly started with a 30-40min delay, due mostly to people who did not come on time, I mean really you had to be an hour late for outfits and all? It was not a wedding…And it sucks as some people had trains to catch or other engagements.

The speed-dating

As I suspected there were more women than men and as people arrived late it was a bit awkward. The process was nicely defined:

  • Each girl is given a ribbon with a lock and guys had a ribbon with a key
  • The gentleman is supposed to chat with the lady and if needed random subjects were written on paper to help and after a 5min chat you can try the key in the lock. f it opens TADAAAA if not then try your luck

The thing is women tend to stay in packs which made it difficult for the few men there to try their luck and honestly the guys mostly went for the one they found beautiful, Therefore it kinda rigged the game as people were not really trying to play despite the organizer’s effort which were remarkable!

The speeches

Oh Boy they were very interesting in all aspects as the main subject was to discuss any external factors that may impact our view on love and relationships. I will not go in details on the speech content as I know that people never take constructive criticism very nicely but I will only say this:

  1. Do your research before coming to talk in events in front of an audience
  2. Let go of your prejudice and bad experience and embrace people’s difference
  3. Study Africa’s geography and rich culture and history, it is an eye opening

The best thing about these speeches is that they were by young accomplished adults and very different in terms of delivery as there was a poet/speaker, a professional debate speaker, a stand-up comedian and of course the lovely audience interaction that accompanied their content.

2nd part of the night

Time for the questions and debate section, but it only lasted 40min which is a shame as it was the most important and interesting part of the show. It was fully lead by the audience and allowed a certain alchemy and sparkle to be created as people openly discussed their different views on sensitive and deep subjects such as Tinder, daughter/son dating, sex education… The moderators gave the mic to anybody requesting it and men as much as women were happy to oblige and provided interesting insights and information. I really liked it and would have preferred to have it be the center operation of this event.

Meanwhile and to help the introverts, an app and a link was made available to post anonymous questions or suggest subjects that were used during the talk.

The after-party

A DJ was playing good tunes since the beginning of the event and organizers were quick to move chairs and create a big dancefloor for the attendees. As I had other engagements I did not stay longer nonetheless the vibe I saw was very friendly and the lovely caterer was providing the food until 3AM! THATS VERY VERY PRACTICAL AND GOOD!!

To sum-up, it was a very good and one of a kind event that I invite you to attend at least once in your life, it is definitely not worth the 15 euros that I paid so try to get the 7 euros. I may go another time just to see if they took the recommendations provided in the google doc they shared into account.

Here are some useful links:

All images used in this article belong to their rightful owners as I couldn’t take good quality pictures with my phone.