I tried audiobooks

If you know me, you know that I have been against audiobooks for YEARS. It went as far as lecturing and insulting friends and acquaintances as I found it to be insulting to say that they read a book while listening to an audiobook.

Oh the mistake…

This article is me officially apologizing to people and to the concept of audiobooks. The weird thing is, as a person who works in IT, I should be all about audio books and digital format. But for books, its a hell no! Or it was.

I guess I should blame Kevin Hart and 50 cent for it. As well as my book club. The latter is only because I started an audio book due to the fact that I was late in my reading and needed to finish the book in time and I just up and started it. Its the amazing book that I did a review on, « Girl, woman, other« . The audio was provided by a British lady reading, and I am a sucker for that British accent. The nail in the coffin of this matter was when I listened to Kevin hart’s book and to 50 cent’s book.

For Kevin hart, I listened to the audio book of « I cant make this up« . I kept on laughing during the audio or talking to Kevin. See that’s my issue with these audiobooks, it feels like I am watching a movie or just talking to someone instead of it being an experience of me reading the book.

Same shit happened to me with 50 cent’s book « Hustle harder, Hustle smarter« . As a huge 50 cent fan, I love his music thus I love his voice. So, it made sense for me to enjoy his audiobook and the experience. Maybe I wouldn’t have enjoyed reading this book.

I gotta admit that it was helpful to listen/read an audiobook. To be honest, I have no idea if I should say read or listen to an audiobook. What do you usually say?

I even did a poll on twitter regarding this subject. Turns out that the majority prefer hard books yet they prefer the practicality of the audiobooks. Especially its easy access anywhere and everywhere.

Anyway, I like the practicality of the audiobook. It can be listened to in the car, during the shower, while getting ready.. But the bad thing is, you tend to do other chores or stuff like working while listening to it. Thus your brain is not fully focused with the story. You end-up with half of the book content in your brain.

To be honest, I’ll keep using audiobooks for everyday chores. But this time, I will only use it for books written by celebrities (Comedians or musicians…). Other than that, I prefer to read my book and to enjoy the silence around it.