I tried the afroburgers

Last time that I was in the Bomboclaat festival I got hungry and honestly, I was craving Plantain bananas, while looking around I found that there was an African food truck there. Call it foodie luck 😀

While browsing through their menu, it turns out that they are doing African burgers: Understand that they transform any African dish in a burger (Of course nothing coming from north Africa but that’s another debate). So, my friend and I choose 2 different burgers to try: “Poulet Yassa” and ‘DG burger”. Apparently, it’s their signature dishes and the ladies behind the counter were heavily suggesting us to eat them. Also, they only have one vegan/vegetarian option with a burger made with beans and a mix of veggies, did not look sexy at all actually.

We paid 10euros for a burger and plantain bananas on the side. I thought it was a festival price but apparently, it’s the “regular” price. Well if you know me, you know that I only bitch after eating so that I know if it was worth my money or not.

It was ready in 15min, which was cool as we didn’t lose time and it was still hot. Huge huge bad bad sign: they gave us only 4 pieces of plantain bananas. Like wtf? Even if they had cut one banana, we’d get at least 7 pieces… So yeah, we were not happy about it

The “Poulet Yassa” burger has chicken with onions, cheese, tomato and a sauce. I think that the whole flavor is in that sauce as the burger was good and very tasty. Chicken quantity was generous, and it was still hot and that is actually a very good brownie point for any foodie that loves burgers. The chicken had no bones or any fat and was really well cooked, which means that you could trust the dish and bite blindly into it instead of being scared to break a tooth 😀

Burger « Poulet Yassa », sexy right?

The “DG burger” was made of goat I think, it had cheese, tomato, a bit of onion. It was decent but not worth all the hype around it. It was less tasty than the “Poulet Yassa”; I asked other friends and they all agreed that the Yassa one was the best.

It’s a genius idea to surf on the burger love to introduce some African country cuisines and it makes of a nice and filling dish when in a festival or in an event, but they really need to review their banana ratio as its not worth the price paid. All in all, if you are passing by Brussels or living here, try it at least once as its actually a good food experience to have!

They actually have various burgers:

  • DG Burger (From Cameroun) : It has Plantains bananas, Beef, Cheddar cheese and a sauce made of pepperbells
  • Yassa burger (From Sénégal : Chicken, Onions, lemon, Cheddar cheese
  • Katchu burger (From Kenya) : Beef, Onions, Coriandre, Tomato and Cheddar cheese
  • Ntaba burger (From Congo) : Goat, Onions, Cheddar
  • Mboga burger (From Rwanda): it’s the only vegan option and has beans, spinach, pepperbells, sweet potatoes or plantain bananas