So I went to South Africa…

As simple as it gets, I just up and went to South Africa. BEST.IDEA.EVER !

I mean it people! I up and fell in love with this country, its people, its music, its food… EVERYTHING IS SO SO SO GOOD!!! I had the chance to go there for pleasure (And work lets be real here) and I lived there for few months by myself. I had colleagues and I made friends there but I was mostly alone like a true Gangsta 😀

I was living in Johannesburg but I did travel to CapeTown and to Stellenbosch. Don’t worry, Iam going to deep dive into my life there and will tell you all about how it went, the good and the bad (I basically saw a person shot dead) but let’s keep it real: It’s a country like every other one in the world and they all have their fair share of bad shit and atrocities 😉

So forget about your prejudices and let’s discover this gorgeous country that is so so underrated its insane!