So I went to the Bomboclat festival

I told you i’am going last week, so here i am telling you all about it. And it was interesting to say the least.

The festival was basically organized on 2 days: Friday and Saturday. The latter was the most interesting as it had the baddest Dancehall Lineup. If you follow me on Instagram you know what I am talking about! Also bear with me that there were lot of things organized at the same time and couldnt attend all the scenes or activities, so I will just cover my personal experience there as i went solely focused on Saturday Dancehall part and the DJs and Afro B in the afro scene.

I went Friday with a « Dora the explorer » mindset as I didn’t knew anybody in the lineup and frankly I was not that interested. In retrospective, I should have bought only the Saturday ticket as the ROI was not that interesting. It was actually a smart idea to use Friday as a discovery day as I found out the interesting food spots, the toilet that was charged 2 euros (WTF? It’s a basic human need) and the distance between the Dancehall and afro scene as Saturday Spice and Yxng Bane were planned at the same damn time. (Which was cool because I attended both, FUCK YEAH! *I did sacrifice half of Yxng bane set but I already saw him in Brussels so I was cool with that*). The Djs were dope and honestly the dancers stole the show in the African scene with the DJ as they were on fucking fire and so talented! Definitely a highlight of this festival! Would have been cooler if they went to dance with the crowd but I get the setup! DJs were on point, diverse playlist and to each their style, mad props to Black Mamba who had the dopest track and remix in the game!!!! That GIRL IS FUCKING FIRE!!!

I also confirmed my initial thought: Festival in the beach means festival in the sand. There were few wooden path, so not very helpful for people in a wheelchair or with a cast. It meant also that there is no need to wear heels or any fancy shoes, and most people were either barefoot (Brave people) or wearing flip flops or even sneakers to stay comfortable and avoid having their toes destroyed by a drunk dancer.

Food choice was limited and I guess enough for the festival location as it was smaller than I expected, there was Jamaican food, noodles, pizza, fries (Of course), Afro-burgers (So yummy!), waffles (Of course), LOT OF BEERS and Asian food. Honestly the queue for the food Friday was reasonable as it was not that full but Saturday it was hell as it was so crowded and there even was a shortage of water bottles at like 1am, which is insane. Cool thing about this festival is that you could pay with your card, granted that it will be more expensive than the ticket system in place for the festival, and people watch out for what you pay as they made me pay 8,60euros for 2 small bottles of water (I remember it vividly as I had to wait 30min for a manager that never came and for lame ass excuses from a guy that didn’t understand a thing about the bank system). Fixed it by asking for 2 more bottles and even that was a fucking rip off as 4 small bottles of water could never cost that much, so people WATCH OUT WHEN YOU PAY BY CARD!!!!!! (2 people also paid 10euros for 2 bottles of water in the festival and were all in shock).

Afro-burger with 4 Plantain bananas. I think there was a shortage on the bananas friday 😀

Saturday was the most interesting day for me as I am huge fan of Dancehall !!! Man I saw Spice and Busy signal in one stage! That’s a fucking lot! So many emotions man! It was heaven for the twerknation team! Saturday was so crowded and full of people, some basically were cosplaying their favorite Jamaican and Dancehall music videos aka channeling their inner version of Rihanna in the « Work » music video and Stefflon Don’s hair styles and some were just there to jam and dance their ass off. There were also a lot of hunters by the look of these gentlemen, some of them were lucky and some well « No Comment » 😀 You had to be there to see it. The Dancehall stage was fucking fire, performance were fucking dope, dancers were so good it was insane and the vibe in the crowd was cool as everybody was either busy dancing, or drinking or both! Same for the Afro stage as it was lit especially in the DJ booth and the VIP people behind who looked too happy to be there.

Not so funny about a festival in the beach is the accompanying flu you get as you sweat inside the tents and then you have a 10min walk to your car in that cold and windy Belgian weather, if you are lucky enough to have found parking close by as this was a huge turn-off. There was no fucking parking around and if you have a car bigger than an I10 you are simply and utterly fucked. I lost 45min looking for a parking spot Friday, so much so that I had to take my friend small and cute car as mine has a big booty.

The cool thing about the Bomboclat festival is that it was family friendly, and for many reasons:

  • The festival was in the beach next to the restaurants and to the Marina
  • It was literally in front of the train station, which is hella practical if you come from Brussels and are under tight budget
  • There was a tent for children with activities
  • The festival started at 4pm until 1 am. Which I guess was late for the flemish oceanic people (?) and perfect for people as they couldn’t get that drunk unless they started the drinking under the sunny afternoon
  • Security swooped in at 1am ON THE FUCKING DOT. And they were really strict in their process, no more food was sold even if we were queuing for 20min beforehand and they were ushering us out of the premises
  • No leaving the festival area with a drink. Smart move as it avoided I think a lot of problems for folks going back to their cars

All in all It was a very good weekend in the beach, had a fucking blast and will definitely be there for next year!! I’ll even prepare my beach look in advance so that I can get dope ass pictures 😀

Credit: Pictures belong to their rightful owners