So I went to the Zommer Carnival in Rotterdam

It was raining so much in Brussels, I am talking shitstorms and unlimited rain, that I decided to just up and go to Rotterdam to watch the Carnival parade. I found out on Instagram that it was sunny, understand no rain, and it looked way more alive. So i just drove there and it was the BEST.IDEA.EVER

Granted it was only for few hours and I attended the last part of the parade, it was still very much alive: Lot of dancing, lot of colors and lot of beautiful people. I can already hear people say « oh they are drunk » « oh this is so explicit » « Bla bla bla »… But what you need to understand it’s that this is an Island culture and this is hella different from whatever you think you know. And if you think that twerking is that bad I would strongly advice you to not go to the carnival and to read a bit more about different cultures and the origins of « twerking ».

I was supposed to parade also in the Caribbean attire with the feathers and the bikini, but i bailed last minute due to body self confidence issues (Might as well admit it, denying it will never help em deal with it 😀 ) . Biggest mistake of my life as I saw different people parading that day and they all looked happy, carefree and so full of positivity and good vibes! It was very refreshing to see!

I also attended the after party that was planned in the club, it was also fire and colors everywhere! Expect a lot of dancehall, soca music, reggea and of course, because we are in europe, afrobeats and some mainstream house music. As I love Rotterdam, It was easy for me to have a lot of fun during these 12 hours as I didn’t stay for the sunday parade.

I strongly advice you to attend this carnival, try to enroll to be a part of the parade. It’s done in advance and anybody can join! It’s actually funnier as you get to be in the heart of the party and you get freebies and food!

Some Practical information:

  • Link to their facebook page but it’s in Dutch:
  • It’s better to wear sneakers as you walk A LOT during the parade and there is a lot of dances
  • It’s better to park in the underground parking in the city center as it is safe, will cost less than parking outside and is close to everything. It’s also practical in order to change to your attire
  • Book your stay in advance as it’s a 3 day festival with a boat party and a second parade on sunday