Discover Copenhaguen with me

Despite the cold and the early nights, I fucking love copenhaguen! People there are nice and when they are drunk they become very social and funny xD

cutest viking <3

As I said in my previous article here , I am going to cover here what I visited/did in Copenhaguen. I used the Red bus to visit everything as you can hop-on and of as much as you want and you end up visiting everything! Please don’t forget to buy the city card for the discount seriously!!!

  • Glyptotek

It’s one of the best fucking museum I have seen in my life. This museum so fucking gorgeous it’s crazy, even their website is dope: . Carlsberg is it’s owner, yes the brewery, and it has a very large and exhaustive collection of mummies, marble statues, historical and very artsy artifacts and rooms. Inside there is a gorgeous garden with statues, perfect spot to grab a tea in their café/restaurant and coffee break rooms where you can read about the museum and artifacts while drinking a free coffee while you are visiting the various galleries. The architecture is as follow: 3 levels fully decorated with sculptures, artifacts, paintings… and the outside AND inside are architectural jewels to be gazed upon and admired, really take your time to visit this museum as it is worth the time

  • Gefion waterfountain

My next stop was this huge fountain and it will ring a bell if you are familiar with the nordic mythology. It is next to the harbour and It’s a statue that depicts the legendary Norse goddess, Gefjun. According to an ancient legend, Gefion was the goddess who ploughed the island of Zealand out of Sweden. She did so by turning her songs into powerful oxen and had them plough so deeply in the ground that they raised the land and pulled it into the sea. This is how the island of Zealand was created. And then, as a thank you the Swedish king Gylfe offered the goddess Gefion as much land as she was capable of ploughing within one day and one night. It’s best to see it at night as it get lighted and you see the fountain working, it’s a must-see in Copenhaguen!!!

Hello Nagini
The vue from the top is crazy

Tivoli Garden

It’s actually one of the most beautiful place in Copenhagen. It has an amusement park and you need a ticket or a pass to access the park. It also has a theater, concert hall and many many activities, their program is actually monthly updated. From my side I didn’t have enough time to go to it but I am definitely coming back for it.

The little mermaid

Very famous and so disappointing as it’s fucking small. But not as disappointing as the manneken pis from Brussels xD

The Little Mermaid was a gift from Danish brewer Carl Jacobsen to the City of Copenhagen. I dont know if you remember but she was painted in red few years ago. And it was not the only attack she received: Twice she has lost her head, once the arm was sawn off, and several times she has had paint poured on her. In 1961, bra & panties were painted on her, and her hair was ‘dyed’ red.

She actually is a copy. The sculptor’s heirs keep the original at an undisclosed location. But it’s a legitimate copy, of course. She is only 1.25 metres high

Shopping street

I am guilty of being a shopping addict when it comes to Bookstores and cute ass clothes. And Copenhagen has one fien ass street with food and various stores for various incomes: You will find a kebab next to a cash exchange store next to a bookstore next to a flying tiger next to a mango 😀 It’s good and bad as you end up buying way too much food. Good thing is that it is close to Tivoli gardens and coffee shops.

Let me know if you have any questions or want to discuss your next trip there!!!

Btw Here is the link that I used to buy my Copenhaguen red bus ticket: