My favorite Body shops products and where do I get them

I knew of the Body shop brand for a while but I honestly got hooked and interested in them while I was traveling abroad. I found them in airports, various continents and at different prices 😀 And Oh my god the scents, they are sooooo original and soooo delicious 😀

Fun fact is that the products are vegan and not tested on animals, way to go Body shop 😀

To be honest there is a difference between Belgium and the rest of the world and a BIIIG difference in the collections are some special editions are only in specific countries. That’s why my collection is international like me 😀 Check for yourself below:

Also I would advice you to know your skin and body well as the body yogurt are lighter products and dry quicker than the body butter that stays longer. The body yogurt is perfect if you are in a hurry or you are wearing jeans and need to stay moisturized with a quick dry product 😀

I tried their body scrub, the coconut one, but I didn’t like it that much. I expected more of the product due to the fact that I use a washcloths that is doing a body scrub job at the same time. Yet some of my friends love the body scrub so I guess its to each their own choice 😀

Where I buy my products

I get my products in Brussels from the store in the Woluwe shopping center as there is less people there and the stock is always available.

In France, you can order online and have it delivered quickly or you can go to one of the stores everywhere.

I buy a lot of the Body shop products as well in airport duty free stores as they have many travel size boxes and individual products and they give free stuff sometimes 😀

Rewards and discounts

There is a point system that is super interesting as it gives you interesting discounts of 5e or 10e which means you get free products. You also get discounts and free products on your birthday as well as after buying 35e of products. They even have a lot of interesting seasonal discounts and you can get travel size body butters for 3e which is an amazing deal!

Here are my all time favorites:

  • Vanilla Marshmallow shower gel and body butter. I found it once in France and never again 🙁 The best fucking product they ever did
  • Vanilla Pumpkin shower gel and body butter: I think it’s the autumn collection, I found it in Belgium and France and its my second favorite
  • Mango shower gel, body yogurt and body butter
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  • Banana body butter. They only have the small format in Belgium and only the body butter.
  • Argan oil body butter. Was surprised by the soft scent and the light feel on my skin. Really was a lovely surprise as a product.
  • Christmas Festive berry as a body yogurt. Thats it. The rest smells to me like any other product in the market. It’s a part of the 2020 christmas collection.
  • Christmas Winter jasmin as a body yogurt only. It’s a part of the 2020 christmas collection.
  • Christmas Warm Vanilla as a body yogurt only. It’s a part of the 2020 christmas collection.

I still gotta test their charcoal face mask and their hand cream. But I am sure I will like it 😀