Puglia diaries – DAY 2 – Part 1

My first official day in Taviano kick started the rich and intense Italian holidays on a high note. Buckle up peopel it’s gonna be a bumpy ride 😀

  • Visit of the Ugento Archaeological museum:

What you need to understand about Taviano is that it has a fucking rich historical background and the region is an open museum. Everywhere you look, you’ll see some remains of roman and messapian civilizations and others and this museum is the best one to start with. It’s situated in a city called Ugento, in the Taviano region and has been built inside/on top of a coven. Yes, you heard me right 😀 . They really built a wall inside the chapel of a coven, splitting a fucking gorgeous piece of art as it became a public domain/edifice and they need it to separate it from the private part. The roof is modern yet every bit of the frescos, tombs, and all architecture is preserved and it really is a pleasure to wander around. There is also the remains of a person displayed that had a violent death and is actually a centuries-old murder that got solved in the last years. You’ll find many artifacts displayed and even some with interesting background stories like the Zeus statue that was actually found in multiple pieces by some workers while they were building a house and that got pieced together by the lady who owns the house. There is also a monk room that is called the « Eden garden », it was a monk room with pornographic drawings in the wall, yeah you read it well 😀 so basically porn stuff is drawn in the wall and in the ceilings 😀

It’s FUCKING GORGEOUS to visit, seriously!!! The big big turn off is that the brochure is in English and the tour guides only speak english. I was lucky enough to find a lovely woman that is a translator who helped me understand everything. Let em know if you want her contact she is young and speak french and english 🙂

Here is the link to their website : https://museidelsalento.itnuovo-museo-archeologico-di-ugento-museo-civico/

The museum cost 3 euros to get in and you can actually request to visit the crypt of the crucifix as its a 5 min drive from there and it is a sight to see actually.

  • Visit the crypt of the crucifix

If you are a fan of the Templars and movies such as « Da vinci code », then this is the best place for you! It actually is a full mood and setup as you need to have somebody from the museum coming with you or before you as they need to open the crypt with a key. The stairs are old and slippery but then you end-up in a perfect place for history lovers. It’s a 13th century old crypt that has frescos all around even in the ceiling. Best part is that it has TEMPLARS FRESCOS, CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!!! It’s really beautiful and a bit creepy as you feel a certain aura as its a place that you sense has been the stage to historic drama or events, like in Spartacus or Game of thrones 😀

  • Visit the castle of Ugento:

That’s actually one of the places that annoyed me in this trip: It’s gorgeous, but as half of it is private, we couldn’t take any pictures inside or next to the gorgeous side. Yet I did it because I am that bitch and because it was too historically gorgeous to not be captured and I am sorry but not sorry. The castle only has one major and impressive thing to see : THE CEILINGS. They ALL are painted with gorgeous frescoes with bright bright colors and that’s it. Sadly there was no decoration or any thing to see, it’s just empty rooms with gorgeous ceilings and it’s fucking hot inside. Which is bad as it is threatening those paintings 🙁

  • Visit the old oven of Antonio Cornacchia

OH MY GOD, If you remotely THINK you know what is good bread, trust em you are so wrong!!!! I never tasted a bread so so so delicious and tasty as this one. I figured out later that they use wine in the mixture and olive branches to infuse the bread in the old oven. BUT DAMN HOW GOOD IT TASTES!!!! I MEAN IT PEOPLE, I COULD EASILY LIVE OF THAT FOCCACIA WITH TOMATOES AND THE BREAD WITH OLIVES!!!! This oven is actually a very old one where bakery is an art inherited from the ancestors and really well protected, the bakery is managed by the whole family and offers a wide variety of bread and pastries from the common everyday bread to the sophisticated pastry with fruits. IT WAS SO GOOD AND I THINK EVERYBODY UNDERSTOOD IT!!!