Puglia diaries – DAY 1

This article was long overdue and I know that a lot of you guys wanted the details and the deeds about my Italian holidays 😀 Let me start by covering my 5 days in detail including the logistics.

I actually arrived wednesday afternoon in Taviano and the journey was actually not that long:

  • I took Alitalia, it was the first time and they are quite decent. There is enough leg room but at the check-in they ARE SO LATE. No need to go early as they take their sweet sweet time to come and start the check-in
  • My plane was from Brussels airport (Zaventem) to Milan, then from Milan to Brindisi. It cost me actually 183e with one big suitcase and my small luggage
  • There is actually a direct flight from Charleroi airport to Brindisi
  • Then it was a 1hour taxi ride to Taviano

It was actually a great taxi ride as you get to see the olive trees and the cities that are a part of Puglia 🙂

Regarding my accommodation, I stayed in a Bed and Breakfast called « B&B L ‘Ulivo », this is their website: http://www.bblulivo.it/ . The downside of it all is that they speak very little English which is good as you feel that you really are on holidays but it is bad if you need additional towels or have any specific requests. The cool part about this B&B is that the bathroom is fully managed via touchscreen displays.

The location of the B&B is very practical as it is in the biggest avenue, the only one :D, and its in a walking distance from the Piazza and from the city hall with the nice restaurants.

Also to be sure to have the best Italian experience, I enlisted the help of a journalist/guide that speaks french Italian and English, which was PERFECT as she understood perfectly the different cultures and gave me a lot of tips and tricks regarding the Italian lifestyle, manners and do’s and don’t. She also had the best tour program to ensure that I fully visited the region and that I understood the essence of Taviano, its cultural heritage and the region specialties: Ceramics, cheese, Flowers, Bread…

That’s how I ended up in a cute cute restaurant with the settings that looks like the disney movie « Lady and the tramp » : a terasse under the moon in front of a church with those squared napkins and lovely italian men around 😀 And the food was divine!! especially the pasta and the fish!!!

Italian appetizers that are to be eaten with a sauce made with wine and honey/sugar
Look at that yummy food

The food and setting was a perfect ending to my first Italian night 😀