Puglia or how to live the dolce vita during your italian holidays

I have never visited Italy and god knows i really wanted to! I have Italian friends who cook the best lasagna I ever tasted and the movie « eat, pray, love » with the Italian food segment is enough to convert any vegan to some carbonara with good red wine.

But what I was looking for is to have the real and complete Italian experience. To eat rich and tasty food, to meet a real italian family, to smell and see olive trees, walk around roman and historical remains scattered around the country and to see gorgeous italian men of course 😀

Puglia has all of it and even more as it’s really affordable, that is why I choose to visit the Taviano territory and the cities around it such as Gallipoli, Curtofiano, Grottaglia…

Let’s discover my Italian journey as if you didn’t follow me on Instagram you missed out on a lot of rich and funny experiences