Queen Z visits Stellenbosch

Have you ever head of the city of « Stellenbosch »? It’s in South Africa, close to Capetown and is mostly known for the vineyards and historical living monuments. I visited this city, thanks to my 2 cute besties, Amrit and Daniel as we did the city trip together.

Usually when people think of South Africa, they only think of Capetown or Johannesburg, trust me there are many amazing cities and gems with so much history and culture that deserve way more recognition.

As I was living in Johannesburg, I started to learn a bit more about the history and culture of South-Africa, beside the mainstream information around Nelson Mandela and Winnie Mandela and the Apartheid. I never thought that the closest i’ll come to the apartheid and Black and White racism would be while visiting this city… To be honest I did not enjoy the trip as I kept on having bad vibes and energies, I felt like the city was full of spirits of people tortured and who suffered, I am very empathetic like that.

A bit about Stellenbosch:

It’s actually South Africa’s second-oldest town mostly known for the wine. Rich in history and culture, and surrounded by majestic mountain ranges and nature reserves, Stellenbosch offers various travel experiences to make it a must-visit destination even for those who are not culinary inclined. It is the second oldest European settlement in the province, after Cape Town. The town became known as the City of Oaks or Eikestad in Afrikaans and Dutch due to the large number of oak trees that were planted by its founder, Simon van der Stel, to grace the streets and homesteads

I spent a day and a half in this city, and this is what I did and recommend you to do:


  • Vineyard:

I went to a vineyard, we took an Uber but they don’t go all the way down the road as the vineyards are usually in the outskirt and in the middle of nature. The view is fucking insane, I have never seen such impressive natural sights. We bought some wine bottles as it was not pricey and the wine testing was such a surreal experience there. Peaceful and quiet enough for me to do Yoga 😀

See for yourself people:

  • Walk in the city:

The city is an open air museum, there are so many beautiful houses out there, in a Victorian and colonial style. The nature is very beautiful, yet there is an unsettling aura when you walk around. There are also many statues and historic remains in the city, as well as many street artists, its very vibrant!

  • Food:

Its South-Africa, therefore the food is FUCKING GOOD. Especially the Biltong! YOU HAVE TO TRY IT, its dried meat from different species: Beef, Springbok, Zebra, Koudou…

They also have so many amazing restaurants, wine spots and bars, coffee spots… YOU WILL ALWAYS FIND GOOOOOOOOOOD FOOD IN THIS COUNTRY. They are generous in the quantity, taste and have so many positive energy despite everything! And its not that pricey, well you can find food for all budgets and taste! 😀

  • Museum/Galleries/Bookstores:

Its undeniable that there is a LOT of stuff to visit and do here. I went to an art gallery in Stellenbosch that was in the city outskirts, it has a big garden with statues and inside it was so fucking awesome! There were so many paintings and statues and some that were a replica of famous ones, such as the Rodin kiss. Even the bookstores are presented like artsy spots with the many paintings and sculptures there.

  • Rupert Museum:

I personally went to the Rupert Museum and it was one of the best museum I ever visited. It’s full of south-African art pieces and sculptures. The galleries are very big and the art is exposed in a matter allowing the visitor to appreciate every art piece individually. It has a café inside and a garden where you can walk around and chill.

Its a FREE museum, yes you read that right. Here is their website: https://rupertmuseum.org

  • The village Museum:

I hated this part of my city trip. For real. Its fucking insane how they are still allowing this museum to go while the history of apartheid is still looming over the south-African society. It is basically a museum made of 4 colonial houses, with the slave house adjacent to it. LITERALLY.

Its a museum « honoring » the dutch colonizer arrivals and how they were living everyday and how they impacted the society and life over there. Its made of the only 4 houses that survived the fires that destroyed the city multiple times. Basically they show you how rich people were living in the 18th century, the disturbing part about it is that there are black south-Africans dressed as slaves showing the houses and explaining life in plantations and how slaves were living. Seriously what the fuck man?

  • Parties:

Well its South Africa, THEY KNOW HOW TO FUCKING PARTY!! They have awesome spots all over the city as it was FUCKING LIT. You can walk around the city and randomly chose any bar or restaurant to sit in and drink.


  • Hotel:

I stayed in the Mariott Villa, thanks to my years of investments in loyalty programs and hotel deals. Its easier than you can think to find 4 and 5 stars cheap hotel rooms, I’ll tell you how someday if you are nice 😀 Its a really great deal and not very pricey for the quality provided.

  • Transportation:

Uber is the Best way to go around in South Africa and the most secure, especially for a woman alone. Its like everywhere else in the world, be safe and watch for yourself.

  • Currency/Payments:

Its the south-African rand, I would advice you to get change with you but you can pay everywhere with a credit card, American express or Visa or any other card, its very practical and helpful!