Self-help books or what I like to call the necessary slap

Calling it a slap is an under-statement, it’s mostly a bitchslap handed to you by life itself and upgrading you from a victim to a self-aware individual.

Let’s rewind for a bit.

When we are born, growing-up or studying, we are always tought that we are special, that whatever step in life is unique and that nobody is living it quite like us. We are also put in a fucking protective bubble where everybody keeps on saying that there is time for everything, that adulthood is great, independence is so much better and that the first job is going to be a learning pool where everybody is going to teach you and be so patient and understanding. Yeah right.

This is so much bullshit that I am quite astonished to see that we kept our sanity in this sea of expectations in the professional and personal department. I am saying that as we are expected to enjoy life, build a successful career, be the best, get married and have children at an optimal (Young?) age ensuring that by our mid-forties we are accomplished individuals

Yet nobody is telling you about the fact that the world is moving at a fucking usain bolt speed. Ain’t nobody got time for your average suffering ass. It’s literally kill or be killed.

Exhibit A: Work environment

You are fresh outta the university or just starting your first job regardless of you having a degree, you are already getting the looks from your colleagues because you didn’t knew how to use the printer/copy machine or because you did not block a meeting room proactively for the rest of the team because and quote « That’s your job and your responsibility to figure out that unspoken activity ». Yeah you can cry about it all you want at the coffee corner or to that « helpful » colleague, at the end of the day, you were supposed to understand your place in the company ecosystem from day 1. And the longer it will take you, the quicker you will be fired as nobody got time to teach you how to navigate in the corporate role. And it’s one of the main reason that people chose to become « entrepreneurs and start their business ». I put it between quotations as I think, again it’s my modest opinion, it’s the popular way instead of the « fight and learn » path because you got handed that opportunity. Learn and grow man, and by your own and your survival instinct

EXhibit B: Personal life

Endless fights with family about job, single life, successful family members in comparison.. rings a bell right? Yeah we all go through the same shit. Welcome to the world and to the society bitch, take a seat. It’s actually creating more problems and stressing individuals with no boundaries and respect than anything else as everybody is an other people life but their own. It sucks because we tend to think that the emotional roller coaster and love problem is something that nobody can understand. Yeah, everybody deals with heartbreak and love is indeed a battlefield where the hunt happens both ways, even if society and Steve Harvey insists on the fact that men are the one hunting and we ladies are meant to be standing still waiting for a guy to notice us.

And that’s where these books swipe us of our feet and help us start the new life by taking that necessary small step. Acknowledging the situation and being aware is already a big start as nobody can do this change for you but you. At the end of the day, you are the one living and waking u in that body and with this life, might as well make it worth.

Its not the miracle or perfect solution, but its a helpful step toward the next version of you. It takes time and investment for sure so don’t expect to change as fast as Bridget Jones face in the last movie.