So I tried finding love in the bumble app

Newsflash: I am still single xD So failed mission I guess.

To be honest, I only downloaded the app as I was heavily disappointed in Tinder and in the quality of exchanges and conversations. And Bumble’s motto and advertisement promise you to meet people based on « intellectual discussions » and on the fact that if you match with a person, its up to the woman to talk and she has 24 hours to do it. Sounds like a Mission Impossible/Tom cruise situation right? A fuckery I am telling you, as sometimes you don’t have time to check the app or you just prefer the guy to start the conversation with a sparkling entrance.

I only used the free version THANK GOD, as I don’t see myself paying for an app where the dating pool is so… empty and the discussions so limited. Maybe its the fact that I live in Brussels, but yeah the choice is very limited for my type of man. It can also be due to the fact that Bumble is not known as much as Tinder over here, and also due to the fact that men don’t fill their information.

My profile was perfectly filled, pictures were there, linked my spotify to show music and entice a potential discussion and my Instagram as well as people love to check what you look like at a 360° angle. WITH ALLLLL this information, the matches were very rare and the discussions were limited to the usual « hi, how are you, whats your job, coffee someday? ». I genuinely thought that I was too picky at one point because I couldn’t understand why I’d get many matches in other apps and almost none on this one. I started looking for people’s review, and I noticed that everybody is complaining about the same stuff.

Its shitty in a way as the app is fucking awesome as it displays your education level, ethnicity, what you look for, if you have children or not, your marital status, drinking, smoking, drugs… and height: A VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION. You can even filter on these features to ensure that you are targeting the right people, WHICH IS A FUCKING AMAZING THING! As there are so many people lying on their height and all information, as if I am not going to notice that you are shorter than what you said bro? I mean what the fuck man, have some respect for yourself.

One of the best features is that you can answer questions to tell a bit more about your profile and you can send pictures, which makes it better than giving your number to a random dude just so you can ensure that he looks like his picture. Because people, some people are so hot in picture and then you discover that they took the picture on their optimal « beauty day » in the lighting of the century. So people, my advice always check many pictures to ensure that you like what you see and not just one picture.

So yeah, matched with some people, met some but nothing satisfying or resulting in any serious relationship. How can you expect something from a man not able to do a basic thing like filling a profile with his personal information? I only keep this app now for the « friendship » and « network » feature, I’ll explain it in another post. I also keep the dating feature for when I travel to meet international gentlemen xD Hopeless romantic here.