Travel diaries: Hola Madrid!

Oh yeah bitches, I went to Madrid in December while everybody was freezing their ass off in Belgium. Because I am a 100% that bitch.

It was not my first time in Spain as I previously visited Malaga, a beautiful city for a weekend trip 😀

I spent 5 days in Madrid, it was more than enough time to visit the main monuments and neighborhoods, to eat the GOOD food and to party. Because what is life without a good party?


I flew from Brussels, more specifically from Charleroi and flight were not pricey with RYANAIR and Iberia. I think it was around 90e for the round trip. Keep in mind that I traveled in the first week of December, which is not considered to be the « hot » period for Spain even though Madrid was full of tourists.


I took a serviced apartment I found on booking: for 5 days it was approx. 350 euros and we were 3 people, cleaning was included for the last day. To be honest, we didn’t dirty the apartment apart from the bathroom and showers, we asked beforehand to have a set of towels for each one of us. The apartment had a laundry room and dryers.

We took the apartment in the center of Madrid, exactly in this avenue: Calle de ATocha. Its a really good location as it was close to EVERYTHING. There were nightclubs, bars, coffee shops, a bakery in front of the apartment, at least 2 metro stations, a Mcdonalds 😀 , monuments, many touristic spots such as the Plaza Madrid…

  • Here is the link for the apartment I took:



And you know how much of a foodie I am. ITS SO FUCKING GOOD. To be honest, we tried to eat everything there: TAPAS, Wine, Bocadillos, Meat… Imma give you a list of stuff I tried, I am sure I missed many things:

  • Churros con chocolate: It was my daily breakfast, Churros are a remixed version of a donut and are super crunchy and served with a cup of melted chocolate. As a belgian resident, I didn’t like the chocolate served as I am used to high quality, but my friends liked it.
  • Tapas: I am talking about the cute ones with fish that cost 1 euro and you can eat 10 of them in a row. I ate 10 in less than 5 minutes as they were so gooood and not at all expensive. There are vegan tapas, vegetarian ones, meat ones and the best ones are with fish 😀 It’s a delicacy that everybody eats there and you can actually spend the whole day eating them and not be hungry for anything else.
  • Vegan food: I was with my 2 friends who were vegetarian and vegan, and amazingly enough we found a lot of cute spots and restaurants that are fully vegan. I am a meat lover so it was my first time in a vegan place and I liked it. So many fresh options and even a desert that was decent 😀
  • Lot of restaurants serving Spanish cuisine or tapas or american food, as I went to a steakhouse but it was a bad idea as it was not good and the service was really bad. I advice you to just go to Spanish local places or to bars to eat tapas and listen to spanish conversation to get the touristic experience.
  • My bestie is a really big Bocadillo fan so we had to go there, I personally don’t like it as its basically calamaris in a bread with nothing else. I find it super dry but she loved it so much that everyday she was eating it 😀
  • They have a lot of bars and cocktail spots with lot of liquor choice and also a variety of options for non-alcoholic drinks. they even serve coffee at midnight, heaven for me. Bonus point: They give you candies with the cocktails or olives or free tapas 😀

What to visit?

The city is an open air museum, everything is beautiful and you find yourself taking pictures of the walls and houses. I would advice you for a first trip to do the famous Almudena cathedral, you even have wifi inside 😀 The Mercado Sanmiguel, Plaza Mayor de Madrid, the Platea madrid: a Cinema that became a food place.. I personally just started walking around in the streets with no GPS and visited museums and places 😀

Where to party

  • Go to the gay district, so many awesome bars and parties and super super nice people. They offer candy with drinks, people are super friendly and they have nice music and even some old school pop music.
  • In Madrid there are nightclubs pretty much everywhere and many bars with music where you can dance the whole night. And even live bands for every kind of music.

Souvenirs to buy

  • There are many small shops and street vendors selling vintage and hippie stuff, like figurines, pillows, shirts and bags
  • They have a LOT of shops selling all type of alcohol in small format, practical for the plane
  • The city center shopping district has many famous brands at a very low price: Mango, Zara, Stradivarius, Guess..
  • Awesome to decorate your room or to offer, they only cost 3 euros or 5 euros.