why are people ashamed of opening their Tinder app in public

why are people ashamed of opening their Tinder app in public

I even considered writing a thesis about this subject. I am hella serious.

I am not even going to brush on people refuisng to admit that they met via tinder, that is another subject on it’s own, but it is quite fascinating to see people use military tactics to check their tinder in the bus or during their lunch break. And it’s not like you can receive a dick pic in Tinder, Thank god as people cannot send you pictures of their un-sollicited anatomy, and yes people, it happens and if anybody can explain to me why guys are that generous I would really appreciate it.

Why should you be ashamed to open your tinder in public? It’s basically just a phone app like any other one, is it because it’s a dating app or is it because everybody knows that it is a hookup app? Granted, the initial business case for this app states that it was created for people to find a sexual mate based on their look, nonetheless the market showed that people are looking for more than the looks, even if it is just for sex! Even guys admitted that they needed to know their partner and connect more with the person they are gonna bare their « soul » to. Pun intended.

If we go deeper in the matter, as people put their picture and not pictures of their eggplants and peaches, you are actually safe to use the application in the public eye. The worst thing that you could see would be the failed or weird messages received via this application, and some of them deserve to be shared with the world to see to what extent some people go to.

So if it’s not the pictures, could it be that people do not have the balls to own up to their decision to rely on Tinder to find love. And i heard a lot of people quoting « Finding love in a hopeless place ». So Tinder is a hopeless place?Are we ALL agreeing that it is JUST A MOTHERFUCKING APP? Meaning that people behind their various accounts and weird-asss behaviour are the one providing this bad tinder experience? ERGO THE WORLD IS A FUCKING HOPELESS PLACE. There, I cracked the case for you.

Stay tuned for my next blog post about Tinder as it turns out it’s a gold mine for articles

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