Why I paid for a Spotify subscription?

And no I was not paid by Spotify to write this article or any other partnership. Lets be all clear on that.

Only reason I actually paid for it was because I spent 3 years thinking about it, seeing it from all angles and even considering various alternatives before facing the harsh truth: I FUCKING NEED THIS APP IN MY LIFE. The PREMIUM version of it of course. Why would you say? Well because the free version is very limited and you are forced to listen to an add after one song. Picture this: You click on the wrong song, you click on another; POUF you have to wait 30secondes as you got an advertisement that just started. Sucks right?

Let me be clear, I listen to music all damn time: As I wake up, while i cook, clean, shower, drive, work, workout, sleep… basically all the time. Quite logic that i should just go and buy it right? How about no?

The only thing going through my mind was: Damn I am going to pay for something I can get for free. Let’s face it, we all get our music from YouTube, Soundcloud or some weird website and it is all for free. And you find some dope one of a kind remix that you never seem to find again (I never found the Zouk remix of the song Gone by Nelly and Kelly Rowland, in case you guys can help me :'( !!!) So I faced the harsh truth, I need Spotify in my life.

The first thing I did is sign up when they had the 3 months discount: 1euro monthly instead of 12euro for 3 months. and I could cancel it anytime. Enough for me to try the beast, and it was love at first usage. It is so easy to create so many playlists and you can customize them, add pictures, share it or keep it private and you can follow playlists or people.

The best feature is this one: You can download playlists and songs to listen to them offline at the gym or in the plane. And the sound quality is close to perfect, so you don’t get those weird YouTube introduction before the song. Spotify also synchronizes with Waze when you drive and with many dating apps (Tinder, Bumble…) to display what is the kind of music you listen to.

One of the practical thing is that there is a feature called « Spotify family »: Basically you pay less and you get 4 accounts that you are free to use in an unlimited manner. Dope right? I know I know.

Long story short, If you are like me, a music addict and you like to have your playlist close to you with no constraints, then this app is for you.