Why you absolutely need a website for your company

This may sound like a rhetorical question to some of you but let’s face it, many companies still do not believe in the power of a website.

Corporate, startups, small companies … regardless of the business structure, many companies think that websites are specific to a certain field of action. The harsh truth is that nowadays it becomes a make-it or break-it criteria for clients, employees and job-seekers.

A company that has an updated website displays a certain command of their e-reputation, business model, communication and advertisement plan. It shows that the company knows what they are doing, what exactly is their service portfolio, and also how to manage projects as it can be used as a business case and a gold mine to score different contracts and new opportunities.

For job-seekers, it shows that the company exists, that it’s striving, and that it provides enough information about the business, type of clients, company vision (If there is any) and any potential job opportunities. Furthermore, many companies invested into turning their website into a job recruiting website as nowadays, millennials and non-millennials turn to the targeted company website to understand the organization values, culture and purpose. They look for information about the type of clients, projects conducted, news and wins in terms of proposals. Having employees testimonies and biographies gives an idea about the skills targeted and gives an insight on the profiles wanted. People browsing the website also want to understand what does a workday looks like within the company, what are the career opportunities available and the contact information to the relevant team members. The website also becomes a valuable tool for online recruitment as it simplifies the process and avoids the repetitive upload of resumes in multiple generic recruitment websites with no guarantee of it being linked to a company valid email address or HR contact person.

For clients and investors, a « good » website allows the company to align with modern users and to stay in pace with the digitally growing world. It should contain exhaustive information on the products or services provided as this is where people will go to look for information. Credibility increases and is strengthened when a company has a website as it legitimizes the existence of the company, especially in this digital era where a lot of business are smoking mirrors. Having a website reassures the clients and people in general that this company is real with values and with information available out there. It also means that you can sell your products all the time, not only between 9 am to 5pm. And if you are not staying competitive with your competition, you’re giving clients a reason to buy from another brand.

If you’re still not convinced why your business needs a professional website, check out the competition and what the market leaders do or get in touch with me. I’d be happy to help you with any concerns.