Why you should hire a freshly graduate

Recruiting freshly graduates became a business model for certain companies and a no-go for others. It is a touchy subject where companies and people are taking turns playing the role of victims. And LinkedIn is not helping either one of them in this matter.

Upon further analysis, I see a lot of posts where people are either complaining about this matter or pointing fingers. What I also noticed is that nobody discusses about the strategy used to get a job. Or asked if the path followed is adequate for the targeted job or if it does need adjustments.

Sometimes, candidates need just that little keyword or phrasing in their resume that will convince companies that they fit the role even if they do not match 80% of the job description.

Companies are often a bit broad in their job description and ask for the moon when they can easily reach the stars. It can be a result of a previous bad experience with a freshly graduate, or that the job requires someone familiar with the field in order to rapidly immerse in the flow and start producing results. Sometimes, managers avoid hiring freshly graduates because they do not want to be challenged on their knowledge and do not have enough time and structure to train people.

And this is a big misconception that companies have. Freshly graduates often do not need you to train them but mainly to give them an environment where they can observe, mimic, grow and learn by giving them this exposure to the amazing corporate/enterprise world. The majority of people will tell you this : They learned more by observing people acting and talking around them then by having a proper training with documents and sessions. This is also a point that is often mentioned in the various management and IT framework : To learn and understand the company or the field culture you need to either be a part of it or in very close contact to it.

When companies turn their back on those freshly graduates, candidates are directly blaming themselves for not choosing the money-making field where there are always open positions. They will either switch their major, go back to school (Because the higher the diploma, the bigger the chance to be hired) or accept an internship just to have the experience needed to be considered for interviews in the future. Some will go down the entrepreneurial lane or even join start-ups because they are willing to hire freshly graduates for their motivation and energy to learn. Which is dangerous as it is teaching upcoming generations that instead of challenging themselves to learn what is the work/company culture and to be tenacious, it only shows them that the magical solution is to create a company and it will be successful as nowadays everybody is a CEO and an entrepreneur.

Pushing this entrepreneurship mentality is good but not when it will cost candidates their future and that is a debate that the professional world is not ready to address as it shakes foundations that the society will rather leave untouched.